Bay Ridge Dojo 


Bay Ridge Dojo has been providing men, women and children with excellent martial arts instruction since 1966.

Our Niseido ® Ju Jitsu classes offer highly energized workouts with the most effective self defense instruction available.  Our certified instructors teach students to defend themselves against real life street attacks while incorporating cardio and  endurance training along with strength and flexibility drills. Niseido ® Ju Jitsu incorporates a unique style of fighting where students can apply striking techniques until the situation dictates a close quarter encounter where the opponent is subjected to judo throws, grappling, strangulation or joint locking techniques.

Professor Rick Riccardi is the founder of Niseido ® Ju Jitsu who had his system sanctioned by Professor Florendo Madriaga Visitacion, the founder of Vee Jitsu Ryu Ju Jitsu.