Bay Ridge Dojo 

Instructor Profiles

Michael Junsch - Owner

Grandmaster Junsch currently holds a 10th degree black belt in Niseido ® Ju Jitsu and is Chairman of the Board of Professors of the Niseido ® Ju Jitsu Federation which is an international system originating from Japanese decent. Grandmaster Junsch's teaching skills and tournament experience has gained him recognition nation wide and has granted him membership in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. In the decades of years of martial arts instruction of which Grandmaster Junsch has been offering throughout the nation, thousands of students have had the opportunity to experience and share his unique fighting and defensive skills.                                       

                                                                          Nicasio Alonso - Owner             


Grandmaster Alonso has been studying martial arts since 1979 and currently holds an 9th degree black belt in Niseido ® Ju Jitsu. He has trained in various martial arts to fully compliment his teaching skills. For this recognition, Grandmaster Alonso was inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame in 2001 and for his dedication to teaching the martial arts. He has organized many successful tournaments and fundraisers collecting thousands of dollars for various charities. Grandmaster Alonso is a beloved husband and father who holds an MBA in Management and a BS Degree in Computer Science. 

Curtis Packer - Instructor

Dr. Kent Strickman - Instructor

Anna Bocconi - Instructor

Daniel Papandrea – Instructor

Amanda Arcieri - Instructor

Alex Penagos - Instructor